Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Rainy Wednesday...

It was nice and peaceful at Shiloh on Wednesday, just cold and drizzling rain.

Little Vacation Village eating their Feed Fairy feed. That is (left to right) Whiskey, Laramie, Dude in the back and Priceless.

On the other side of Little Vacation Village, Susie Q ate her feed under one of the shelters.

While Sy and Canyon shared their feed.

Some of the Wanderers were going crazy in the rain- Charlie and Cortez raced around and around in one of the open turn outs.

We worked on Arson. His opposite hoof is now abscessing, so we out on a soaking boot to help open the abscess up. We are just working to keep him comfortable, he has a great spirit and is always the first horse to whinny his welcome each morning. As long as he has the will to go on, so will we. We are hoping he can eventually become a Wanderer.

BB spent some time in the turn out with his mom. He is getting very courageous and goes off by himself a bit now to explore.

Exploring the mounting block...

Cute Keller in The Blind Girl's pen. It's so nice to see the three blind horses hanging out together, they are inseparable.

Capone eats his Feed Fairy food in Little Vacation Village.


Mikey said...

Aww, Keller looks so great! So glad when you post pics of her, and here I got to see her pretty face. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her, and it makes me glad that she has friends to hang out with too. A much better life than what was in store for her before.

willowsmom said...

BB is so cute!! What has happened with the little appy pony you rescued from Fallon!!

Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

Pokie Dot, the other Appy pony, is doing great. She was in the vet clinic last week and her bad eye was removed. It was totally blind and all inflamed, so now she will be pain free. She is spending some time in the Mare Motel for aftercare treatment. I will take some photos of her this weekend, I have had the flu and it's been hard to keep everything updated! Good news, I am almost over the flu- bad news, Sally came down with it today!

Found art blog said...

Oh!! Take care of yourselves, eh?!