Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Reminder: Shiloh will be closed to Visitors and Volunteers from Thursday Jan 7th until Monday the 11th. Sally, Tony and I will be in Atlanta where the "Shiloh" Painted Pony will be officially announced. I will be posting all about it from the road, our lifesize Shiloh will be there as well!

The past few days have really been beautiful weather, cold but clear. All the horses are doing well and things are running smoothly (knock on wood)...

Yesterday, Daria worked Harmony under saddle. I have another adoption video for her but just haven't quite gotten it done yet.

Daria also rode Inspirada. Both of these mares will really make great riding horses. I am also working on another Inspirada video.

Look how great Kerkorian looks, he has finally really filled out!

So has Longfellow...
And Veteran is getting there!

Nevada and BB enjoyed some turn out time...

While Sally fed and cared for the New Arrivals in Isolation. Here she spends some time with Sully.Look how cute Wampum is! His personality is beginning to shine through.Jerome just can't wait for his extra feed!

In Easy Street, Roy enjoyed his Equine Senior.

A great few days!

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