Friday, January 15, 2010

A Nice Friday...

A nice day today!

We welcomed long time Shiloh Friend, Kathy, who was in town visiting Sharil for a few days. Ranch Dog, Spur was so happy to see her- Kathy used to always bring the dogs treats and Spur remembered!

One eyed Maverick in Mesquite Manor.

Maverick's corral mate, Kelso.

This is Hutch, the latest OTTB gelding from the Fallon Feedlot. While he is in Isolation, he is being treated for a Suspensory Ligament injury from the track.

Tanya worked with Liberado...

We moved Arson into the Barn. As you can tell, we aren't too proud to use Duct Tape on a torn blanket. It works and is a cheap fix! Toothless Mendoza, who has finally gotten to a healthy weight, was moved from this barn stall and out into a Duplex. Good Job, Dozie!

Arson has all he needs and settled right into his new surroundings. He LOVES to be in the barn...
But, he has to put up with his new room mate, Jimmy Dean, who wasn't so thrilled about the change!

Eagle, looking cute in his barn stall.
OTTB Intrepid has really filled out since his arrival (photo below). Even his facial expression is more relaxed and interested.

Intrepid, on his first day at Shiloh. He was all sucked up, ribby and shivering from cold.
BB and Nevada kicked up their heels.

BB loves the turn out!

Go guys!
Having fun!

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Mikey said...

Duct tape. I've learned something new. I have some in hot pink, it's going to look fabulous. My oldest old man is hard on his blankie and this is the perfect fix.
I've got to stop coming here. Every time I see those auction horses, especially BB, sigh. I want to run right down to the local auction and buy every last one of them. If I only had more room!! I just can't stand that so many go to slaughter. Beautiful horses. It kills me.