Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saturday at Shiloh 1/2/10

A beautiful Saturday with lots of activity.

We did have Sanctuary Horse, Obsidian, brought into the vet clinic with a colic. She is approx 27 years old and has a large hard impaction in her colon. She was tubed with oil and water, which was to be repeated last night in the clinic. I am waiting to hear from the vet this morning, but no news really is good news. We just have to wait and hope that her impaction responds to the treatment and starts to break up...

Also, Shiloh adopter, supporter and rider, Daria, will begin helping Sabine teach the Basic Horsemanship Classes. Daria will be offering classes by appointment on the weekdays and the weekend while Sabine offers classes by appointment on Saturdays. These classes are an excellent way for first time volunteers, rusty horse people and potential adopters to learn the basic safe handling and grooming of a horse. Please visit our website to find out more and to schedule a class.

Dave and Leo worked with Liberado and then the guys both hopped on him. Liberado has definitely been ridden before and seems to know quite a bit. He is still gaining weight but I am working on his adoption video now and he will be looking for his new home. This is a very nice Arabian gelding, very friendly and kind who just needs to move on to a useful and fun future. I think he would make an excellent Endurance horse.

The Easy Street Pasture, all was quiet.

Another view.

Deonna and the babies out in the turn out. That is Lucero, Sunday and Spice. The babies love to get out and play in the big turn out.

Kody and Rookie went for a ride. They make a great team.

Mendoza and Eagle dozed in the sun.

While Dave channeled Pat Parelli.

Ah Ha! Alydar caught in the act! I always wondered who tipped over Eagle's feed bucket, well, now I know.
Sabine taught her Basic Horsemanship Class.

Pippi, the Curly cross mare. See her curls? We have named her Curly colt, Sherlock, which means "Bright Hair".

Over in the Blind Girls Pen, GG and Idaho napped while Keller ate. Navajo is napping behind them in the Annex.

Will and Kite were moved out of the Bungalows and into the Okay Corral pasture where they kicked up their heels. Will is a big guy now and needed to move out of the nursery.

He headed off to explore his new surroundings and herd mates.

Little BB has learned pretty quickly that visitors bearing bags equals treats!

Look how sweet he is!

BB and his mom, Nevada, spent some time in a turn out where BB played and then took a sun nap.

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