Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday at Shiloh...

A great day!

The Odd Couple, Baja and Scrappy, out wandering...

In Isolation, Jerome had his mane pulled...

So did Hawkeye...

Sabine and Balboa.

Daisy eating her breakfast...

Later, she decided to head out and explore... Sitka was feeling great and spent a few hours wandering freely on the Cherry Pie lawn.

Sally and the overloaded golf cart.

Back in in the Isolation area, Sully had his mane pulled. Look at that sweet old face!

He looks like he is headed to college in his Varsity Plaid blanket!

In the Okay Corral Pasture, left to right; Seemore, Juniper, Bucky, Waco.

Blessing in Okay Corral.

Vanilla in Okay Corral.

Pokie Dot in the Mare Motel where she is making a great recovery from her eye removal surgery.
Out in the Big Pasture- there was lots of playing going on!

I love seeing the pasture horses kicking up their heels!

This is a great photo of Dave and his son, Kody. Even Salsa, Dave's "adopted son" is walking like them!
Only at Shiloh- Sally tries out one of the guy's little bikes!

BB took a nice nap in his straw bedding. Looks comfy!

BB and Deonna.


the 4 D's said...

yea this was a Great Day ! It always fun at shiloh being with all the great horses and sharing the love for all .to make a rescue horses day happy and the sparkle in there eyes

Found art blog said...

Salsa DOES walk like Dave, doesn't he?! Just needs a stetson and a jacket, and knowing Salsa, he knows exactly who to pinch them off!!

ajkulig said...

We had a wonderful time at Shiloh that day! (I was the one with the two little girls Clover and Violet!)

Every one was so nice!