Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Odds and Ends on a Rainy Day

SHILOH BOARDERS: The vet (Dr. Schur) will be at Shiloh on Tuesday, Feb 2nd. She will be working on some Shiloh horses and then will have time for some Boarders. If you have something that you need to have done, please call Desert Pines directly to add your horse to the list. Desert Pines telephone number is (702) 645-2247.

NOTICE: Shiloh will be closed to visitors and volunteers from Friday, Jan 29th until Monday, February 1st. Thank you!

It is pouring at Shiloh today! Lots of mud and water everywhere.

We are in the process of purchasing and picking up 80 used corral panels for the rescue and Jill, Sally and Tanya picked up the first 25 today in the rain. Not a fun job!

The Big Pasture this morning...

Everyone is wet but it's actually not that cold...

Although everything is wet, all the horses and other animals are doing great.

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