Monday, January 4, 2010

My computer is in the shop until tomorrow and I can't post photos using my iPhone!

But, all was peaceful at Shiloh today. Visitors stopped by to see the new horses and hand out carrots. Battle Born is certainly the star of the show right now and he seems to be enjoying every minute of it!

Our Farrier was out and all of the new guys except the moms and babies were trimmed. Wampum was moving much better after his hoof trim, he really is a neat old guy.

Sally, Leo and I have a suspicion that one of the moms, the bay mare Vortex, may be pregnant. We estmate her filly, Sedona at 7-8 months of age and Vortex could have bred back in her foal heat. It certainly is possible, and sadly quite probable. We will have her checked by the vet the first chance we get.

Good news as Obsidian, who was in the clinic since Saturday being treated for an impaction colic, came home to Shiloh this afternoon. She is passing manure and oil, so all seems good.

The remaining seven Fallon feedlot horses are arriving late tonight. Hopefully my computer will be working by then so I can post photos!

Have a great night everyone!

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