Sunday, December 6, 2009

Traveler Explores Chicago's Field Museum 12/5/09

We had some time off during the day, so I took the Girls into Chicago to the Field Museum.

This is Sue, a T-Rex. Sue is famous, just like me. While I am known for my cuteness and insight, she is famous for being the most complete and best preserved T-Rex skeleton ever found!

The Girls insisted in going to watch a 3D movie about Egypt, but Sally forgot to get me some 3D glasses of my own. Now I have a headache...

Back outside, I checked out an early horse skeleton. Looks a lot like Charlie...

These are the Man Eating Lions of Tsavo! These two mane less male lions killed approx 35 people in 1898 in Kenya! "Oh Sally, come on over here for a moment. I have something I would like you to see. Here kitty, kitty, kitty ..."

After Sally didn't show up, I headed off on my own to discover more cool things in the museum. This is a Crow headdress. How beautiful!

The Field Museum has a large collection of authentic Indian clothes. "Excuse me sir, is that horse hair or human hair hanging from that shirt?"

This is my favorite part of the museum...

Look at this beautiful dress- those are Elk teeth used as decorations.

This is a huge Bison, as you already know, they were extremely important to the Native Americans.

Later that night, it was off to work. I manned the beaded horseshoe area of the table. We have made almost $500.00 for the Shiloh Horses so far with the shoes.

Joe and I stood by as Tony's Security while he signed. Tony and I worked and signed for five hours straight last night!

During my break (and after I briefed Joe about security protocol), I met a new friend. This is Domo and he lives in the theater's limo where he brings Good Luck.

We rested and chatted a bit by the fire...

But, it was a long, long day and I was tired. So were Jill's feet, so I guarded her shoes until we were ready to go home...

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I love your shoes, Jilly :)