Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday's Play Day at Shiloh

First off, Crusoe headed out for his new home. He hopped right in the trailer and headed off with his new owner, Patty.

Crusoe in the trailer, what a good little guy!

Then some of the Shiloh Boarders met and spent the day playing with their horses all over the ranch. Together they played the seven games of Parelli and worked on handling, leading, etc with both their private horses and some of the Shiloh babies. Everyone had a wonderful time, including the horses!

Before beginning the play day, Salsa warmed himself by the burn barrel...

In the group in the arena, Sandi worked with her leased horse, Phantom.

John worked on picking up feet.

Tonya worked with TC and practiced going into and out of the stock under City Center...

A great day for everyone!

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the 4 D's said...

this was a great day ,I was glad to see everyone having a great time ,we need to do this more often