Friday, December 4, 2009

Back at the Ranch...

While we are in Chicago, everything is good back at Shiloh.

Lindsey Loham is doing well, she is living in the big horse trailer so we can keep her ear area clean.

Daisy is in the vet clinic for her dental work, I will update as soon as I hear from the vet.

Dayton, Aiken, Hoops, Slewus and Bucky left for the Vet School Testing yesterday. They will return next week. We also have Boone, Arson, Mercali in the vet clinic for some free x-rays. Laminitic horses Echo Echo, Amiga and Maverick are also in for some free vet care. These six horses are being used in a Las Vegas annual vet conference by our vets- they are being used as examples and so we get full x-rays and work ups on the horses. Everyone will return home to Shiloh next week.

We are almost ready to send out our December newsletter- if you haven't signed your email up yet, don't wait!

Look at this, a water pipe burst in the night due to the cold, it's actually beautiful! Ranch dogs, Koby and Curry check it out.

The temperature went down into the 20's last night, so more senior horses were blanketed. Here is little Levi showing off his blanket, isn't he cute?


Here is a photo of Bonanza in his adoptive home, looking good!

That is Sidewinder on the right, up in the hills of Vegas. Both Bonanza and Sidewinder are doing wonderfully in their home.

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A burst water pipe tree!?!?! Wild!