Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Odds and Ends and a Generous Heart...

First off, I wanted everyone to know that my niece, Emily, who lives in Alaska, asked for donations to the Shiloh Horses in lieu of birthday gifts! She decided this on her own and it shows what a kind and generous heart she has. We are very proud of her for her many wonderful attributes, but her kindness and compassion are two of the most important. I will be adding her birthday donations into our Slaughter Fund, which will be used at the next auction to save horses. THANK YOU EMILY!

Emily, riding high on her adopted horse, Little Dude.

Eric sent me this great photo of Adopted Shiloh Horse, Sawyer (Shiloh's Sammy) having some fun in the turn out. He looks incredible!

The cold weather is definitely here- look at the snow on the mountains. We didn't have snow at Shiloh yet, but we had lots of rain. This is Capone in Little Vacation Village with Kerkorian in the Duplex behind him. It's actually gotten down into the high teens at night!

Wanderer Scrappy shows off his winter blanket...

Little Vacation Village horses, Whiskey and Priceless are keeping warm in their donated blankets.

Shiloh is ALWAYS looking for more blankets- if you have an old one that your horse no longer wears, please consider donating it to Shiloh to help keep a rescued horse warm this winter.

Blankets can be mailed to Shiloh at:

2598 Forest City Drive
Henderson, NV 89052

Or they can be dropped off at Desert Pines Vet Clinic on Jones and Lone Mountain.


Sharil said...

Emily has a heart of gold, just like her aunt!!!

Happy heart, Happy Soul :)

shilohsally said...

Thank You Emily. I am so proud of you, and the Shiloh horses love you. You understand what "rescue" is all about. I could not ask for more. Love U, Nana

Blanket said...

This is a wonderful thought.


Found art blog said...

What a brilliant birthday present!! Now you have your own Auntie Em for the next Wizard Horses!!!