Thursday, December 17, 2009

Traveler Amid the Red Rocks of Sedona 12/16/09

Well, we are back in Sedona, AZ, for another art showing in the Goldenstein Gallery. It's much colder here now than it was last time we came. There is even some snow up on the peaks.

Today, we decided to get out and take a Jeep tour with Pink Jeep Tours...

Our Jeep. She's pink and she is beautiful...

We headed out to do the Broken Arrow trail and then to see some ancient ruins!

We are in the Coconino National Forest...

The red rocks are just breathtaking!

I just love looking at all of the scenery...

That is Submarine Rock out there in the middle of the green trees.

A close up of Submarine Rock. I climbed on it.

The Jeep went up and down incredible trails, it was so much fun! This is a trail we drove down.

Here is a Prickly Pear cactus that has been eaten by Javalinas! Javalinas are wild pigs, I tried to find one but they were nowhere to be seen. I wonder if they look anything like Jimmy Dean?

This is a cliff dwelling called Palatki. It was inhabited by the Sinagua People who built the dwelling in approx 1100 ad. They are the same people who built Montezuma's Castle which I visited on my last trip.

See the dwelling?

This is a painting called a Pictograph. It is thought that the white circle painting was used as a sort of family crest which belonged to the people who lived in these particular set of rooms.

From time to time, rocks still break off and fall from the cliffs. Here is one piece that looks ready to fall at any moment! "Ah, Sally, hold up there, I think your shoe is untied..."

Afterwards the Girls brought me to Mickey-D's. The Sedona McDonald's is the only one not to have yellow arches! In Sedona the arches are turquoise. It was thought the yellow would clash with the red rocks. I like the blue!


Gina said...

Awesome photos Jill, I love Sedona. What camera are you using these days? Those can't be from your iPhone? You got some really pretty shots for sure! Keep on having fun, and thanks so much for all you do for all of us back home! Love, Gina

Mikey said...

I love the photos. You've inspired me to take a Pink Jeep tour. I didn't realize you got to go to ruins! That's very cool and well worth taking the trip.
We like to come up and walk around Oak Creek Canyon in the summer, it's so nice up there. Sedona is beautiful.