Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Way Back Home...

We are driving back to Shiloh now with mom and foal and another old crippled paint gelding who was going to ship to slaughter tomorrow morning.

We have named the mom Nevada and we have named the newborn Battle Born after the Nevada state motto. After all he was born in the midst of a horse welfare battle on a slaughter feedlot. We can call him BB. Nevada gave birth to BB in the mud and snow of the feedlot surrounded by other horses on Christmas Day.

Of course, we rescued 9 more horses today making a total of 18 feedlot horses rescued in the past week. Two truckloads of slaughterbound horses are shipping out tomorrow from this lot. It was very hard to walk around and see the horses who will be killed and not try to save some of them.

So, we rescued Wampum, the older paint in the trailer, a one eyed palomino mare who is well broke for riding, another palomino dude string mare, a weanling filly, a Thoroughbred gelding who has worked on a ranch, an Appy pony, a Saddlebred gelding who looks like he was someone's show horse, and of course Nevada and BB.

We used our Slaughter Fund to help pay for these horses. The total for all 18 horses was just over $3600.00. 

Thank you to everyone for your support! More info and photos coming tomorrow!


the 4 D's said...

Will be there on thursday to help ,I have to say Jill and Sally, I could not do what you, do to I would want to rescue all the horses . That choice you have to make .

Breathe said...

What in the world are these horses doing in those feedlots?

This is so tragic. Thank you for all you do.

PattiKnowles said...

Yvonne and I will be our Friday to do what ever needs to be done to welcom the new horses.

Mikey said...

I'm so glad you got as many as you could, I just wish they all could be saved. Must break your heart having to walk those alleys, seeing those horses. I always hated it. Worse to have a foal born in there. GAH!! Makes me ill to think of that.
Can't wait to see the pics. But still, sad to think of all the poor horses who shipped this holiday season.
I wonder if next year Wade would let me buy horses instead of presents. I'd much rather save a horse than buy another useless toy.

Found art blog said...

BRILLIANT!!! Actually, that's a good idea from Mikey. Birthday gift certificates.... Rescue fund, food fund, vet fund..... take your pick. Hmm. Me Like!

Seven's Servants said...

Poor momma and wee babe! Amazing. Cruelty, indifference and ignorance knows no bounds! It certainly forces those of a compassionate nature to hearts of steel. Go, Jill and Sally - so thankfaul for your compassion and strength. Wish we lived closer so we could lend our hands to your wonderful work.