Friday, September 19, 2008

Will is being weaned!

Today was Will's big day, we separated him from his mom, Inspirada. There was very little whinnying, in fact Inspirada and Chief called to each other for a while, but little Will just ate and watched the grown ups making a fuss! Little Will is very laid back and doesn't seem very bothered by the weaning process. Will and his babysitter/companion, Chief are in a double corral in the Hospice.


Will and Chief have some lunch...

Inspirada says "Thank God that is over! Now I can work on getting my figure back!"

The Hospice area. There's Chief and Will in the first corral on the right, Good Grief and Pepperoni are in the first corral on the left. When the video swings to the left away from the Hospice, you can see some of the Gummie's Pens and Duplexes. The Mare Motel is the red roofed building to the left of Hospice and there is an attached small turnout between the Mare Motel and the Hospice. We can just open gates to let certain horses into the turnout. At the end of the video, to the right of the Hospice are some of the Wanderers.


Andrea said...

I think Chief and Will will get on just fine....!

Luv4Horses (Lisa) said...

Those are awesome pictures, and a nice video, thank you. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the paint horse pregnant mare and their foal that are at risk of going to slaughter, are out of danger of going to slaughter? This is weighing heavy on my mind and any information would be great. That last I read on your site was that they were being fostered until they got any word on if anyone wanted to adopt them. Thank you for any information you can give me on these beautiful horses. I also posted the need of them needing homes on my blog.

Mikey said...

I remember seeing Will when I was there and thinking "Now that's a nice looking colt"
He really stood out. He's going to make someone a fine horse!

horse rescue said...

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