Sunday, September 21, 2008


A beautiful day at the ranch. The weather is coooling off and it was wonderful! Even some of the older horses were feeling frisky!

The Western Vet horses returned home today- Stormy, Trace, Pablo, and Sundance are all back in their pastures. Roy, Aiken, Alleghany, and Hudson left to be used for teaching vet students for the next three months or so.

Heavenly gets some carrots after her bath...
Everyone waiting at the feedroom!
Part of the Big Pasture and Boarder Pasture.
The Boarder Pasture
Freedom and Celebrate get groomed in Assisted Living.
Jackson gets a hug!

Watch this great video of Moonshine, a prospect Pony Shiloh bought last year at the New Holland sale, he is looking for his new home. He has a higher adoption fee which brings in more money for other rescue horses. Turn up the volume! If you are looking for a Show Pony- here he is!


Katherine said...

Moonshine looks great--nice lead changes! But who's that handsome palomino in the boarders' turnout? LOL

Cheri said...

I am so glad to see Fred is a roamer again. I miss not seeing
all the old timers, but glad to see
all the attention they get!
Mooonshine is beautiful and looks
happy, great song to go with it by the way!
Miss you all!