Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday 9/25/08

Shiloh is registered with When you shop, the Shiloh Horses benefit!

Elisa came back from her Chicago trip today, so it was back to work for the horses that she rides. Wounds were cleaned, horses fed, medications given.

We have started Empire, Six, Mercali, and NASDAQ on daily Ulcer medication for the next 30 days. These geldings still are suffering from ulcers from their days on the racetrack. Hopefully, this new medicine will help them heal, they get pills day and night. NASDAQ (pictured below)was taken in from the Cuckoo's Nest pasture to start his adoption evaluation. He has gained his weight back and is looking great.
Will was feeling MUCH better today, no fever and he was much more chipper. We are still treating him with the Penicillin shots though just in case.

Sunday eats like a big horse now. He is spending less time with his mom now and more time exploring the Bungalow area.

Sunday looking frisky!

P. Shaggy's cute old face!

We have put Noche up for adoption! She is looking for her new home. Visit her page here!

Here are some more videos of Shiloh, which I have been adding to our Facilities page on the website:

The Barn. Right side in video: First Stall: P. Shaggy's stall, his door is left open to allow him to wander freely. Second Stall: Daisy and Flower's stall, door also left open to allow wandering, but you can usually find Eagle and Charlie in there! Third Stall: Stallion stall, or a kind of isolated stall. Keller is in this stall now. Left Side: First Stall: Jill's Freisian filly, Zuiderzee, Second Stall Jill's horse, Fallon, Third Stall: Tanis. All stalls in the barn have an outdoor run.

The Bungalows. You can see Inspirada and Sitka in the large first corral and Sunday and Kite in the attached turnout. We leave many of the corrals open into the turnout so the horses can freely come and go, which makes their lives more interesting.

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