Tuesday, September 2, 2008


A very nice quiet day at Shiloh. Elisa had car problems, so many of the horses being worked had a day off. It was much cooler, it's wonderful out there in the morning...

Tomorrow we are bringing horses into the vet clinic for some work. Daisy and Flower, the two minis with the deformed legs and feet, will have new x-rays taken and their hooves will be trimmed according to what the x-rays show. Philadelphia is having his jaw bump x-rayed, and if there is a small bone chip in there, it will be removed. Boarder Tin Man is having his bony growth on his jaw x-rayed and hopefully removed. It's going to be a busy day!

Back to today: Trey, our Farrier was out. He worked on Reason, Lexington, Larceny, Broadway, and Treasure.

Here is a quick video of The Boarder Pasture. Most of the boarding at Shiloh is now pasture boarding, it's healthier for the horses, both emotionally and physically, and all the boarders get along great.

I walked the pastures and took some updated photos of some of the horses:

Clovis in Area 51
Poker- look how nice he looks now. He's so cute!

Zoolander in the Mare Motel wearing a protective fly sheet. He has summer sores, which we are treating daily, but the flies love him! This sheet was donated by Laurie- thank you!
Sadler in the turn out, having some fun!
Ice eats some breakfast in Area 51.


Eric Clayton said...

I am glad to see that Gus is in the pasture where he is supposed to be! :)

Sharil said...

Eric, For now Gus is where he sopposed to be but by the weekend Im sure will have wondered off into another one of the many pastures that are avail to him!!! Im sure he won't have any help from Cochise..:)