Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weds 9/24/08

I forgot my camara at Shiloh- so no new pictures or videos today! I am sorry, I had taken some good ones. I will post them tomorrow unless Salsa or Taco have eaten my camara by then, which is entirley possible....

We had many hard working volunteers out today- Noche and Moonshine were bathed, the wounds were cleaned and Zoolander was moved from the Mare Motel into the Bungalows. We also moved Keller into the Barn- she was just so lonely up in the front area and her eyes were acting up again. So we thought, she can be closer to all the action and activity of the daily life at the rescue and we can treat her eyes easier. She has a barn stall and an outdoor corral, we hung a bell by her water bucket so she can find it easily. By the time we headed out, she was relaxed, eating and drinking and seemed much happier.

Poor little Will is sick, he came down with Strangles, an upper resperitory infection. Harlow, the pregnant Haflinger mare from PA came down with it soon after she got to Shiloh (even though all new horses are Isolated). Elvis had full blown Strangles at the New Holland Sale and probably infected quite a few horses at the auction. He was sent to a separate farm for Isolation before he shipped to Shiloh almost 50 days later, but Harlow must have caught it from him in the transport. Will got it from Harlow and is now up in the far Isolation at the rescue with his friend Chief and Elvis. Harlow is in her own isolation area and is making a great recovery. Will had a very high temparture this morning and was feeling very bad. We are treating him with banamine twice a day for the fever, cold hosing him to keep him cool, and giving him 15CCs of Penacillion in an IM injection twice a day for a week. Normally, we do not give Penacillin for Strangles, but Will is so young and had such a high temp that the vet thought we needed to do it. By the time we left this afternoon, his temp was coming down and he was eating.

I am also feeling under the weather today, maybe it's "sympathy Strangles"? :o)

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Eric Clayton said...

I know all about "Sympathy Strangles". :)