Sunday, September 28, 2008

Arson Update and Eric's Big Round-up 9/27/08

Just spoke to the vet, Arson is doing well. They had to cut away a large section of his hoof wall, exposing the Coffin Bone. They have been flushing and packing the area and are hoping in a few days to cover the exposed bone section with Equilox, a hoof builder. He has a metal hospital plate screwed to the bottom of his foot and his leg and foot is wrapped. He will have to wear the metal plate for a long time, we will have to unscrew it and clean the area daily for a while. He has a long road ahead, but Arson's prognosis is very good. He will need to remain in the clinic until the middle of this coming week. Huge thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support!

Go here to donate to Arson's Emergency Vet Fund. THANK YOU!

Eric arrived at Shiloh around 5pm last evening and found the ENTIRE Big Vacation Village Pasture loose and wandering around the ranch! One of them must have opened the pasture gate and the old guys were off on an outing. No one was hurt (Shiloh has a perimeter fence) and everyone eventually went back in where they belong. Never a dull moment! Notice ranch dog, Curry looking guilty at the end, was he the ring leader?

Another view- Go Eric Go!


Sharil said...

Those videos are soooo funny. Curry is the Ring Leader!!! As you know my favorite saying "ONLY AT SHILOH"

Mikey said...

Toooo funny! Go Eric!! I think I would have been a bit overwhelmed, lol. He takes it all in stride, lol, no pun intended..

Eric Clayton said...

If only I had a panoramic view camera...the horses were EVERYWHERE!! haha.

Andrea said...

You've been playing "The Great Escape" at the Friday night movies, haven't you?!?!