Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday 9/30/08

For anyone who is interested, Shiloh's Vet, Desert Pines Equine Center in Las Vegas, is having an open house on Saturday, October 11th. There will be lectures about colic, lameness, etc. For more information, check their website out here. Some of us from Shiloh are going to be there. It should be a very informative day for everyone.

A nice day, still hot and a bit muggy though.

Volunteers helped with the Summer Sores on Pioneer, Moonshine, and Zoolander. These very hard to heal wounds are a pain! But, we are making progress...
Visitors handed out carrots- that's Fred bothering Nancy for more!
Keller, the blind mare, was moved out of the Barn and into a Duplex corral. We will be introducing another horse in with her this week so she can find friends and find her place at the ranch. Sandi and Laurie spoiled her today and took her for a walk (below). Keller would NOT walk through the Mare Motel to get to her new corral, she was afraid of the overhead (we think she can see shadow and could sense the roof over her). Waco's owner came up with a brilliant idea- Back her in. Once we turned her around, she backed right in and then we were able to turn her around and walk her right through. Sometimes the easiest things to do are the hardest to think of! What a great idea that was- one we will use again in the future.
Noche, now named Gladys Night was moved out into pasture today (below) where she can be with friends. She just moved right in and had no problem showing all the other horses that she is going to be ruling the roost. The pasture horses will become her friends- so she will be Gladys Night and the "peeps"... (Yes, horse rescuers are nuts! But, hey, we have to be...)
Waco, a Shiloh Horse who was adopted a few years ago, returned to Shiloh today. He is showing a "mystery lameness" and just could not hold up to the riding in his home. Waco was very well loved and cared for- he looks fantastic. We are happy to see him again, but it was hard for his family to let him go. We are hoping that Waco can work out for the WVC vet testings in the future.
Little Will is doing great- much more frisky and no fever at all now.
Look who else returned to Shiloh today- Kevin Bacon graced us with his presence. He left Pig Newton back at Sandy Valley Ranch...

Now look who Kevin Bacon has teamed up with!

The meeting of two great minds...

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Mikey said...

awww, I'm so glad to see Keller!! That's so great that she is adjusting. I'm so glad the volunteers like her too and give her that special attention that she needs.
Gladys is gorgeous! The more I see that horse, the more I like her. Her new owner must be over the moon with happiness...