Thursday, September 18, 2008

First of all, please take a moment and visit Habitat for Horses, a wonderful rescue located in Texas. HFH is a huge rescue who helps hundreds of horses each year. Jerry Finch is a wonderful man, someone many of us in the rescue world really look up to. HFH is a fellow Homes For Horses member and we see Jerry in DC when we go for meetings and conferences.

HFH is currently assiting horses in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, but their own facility was hit and sustained major damage! Shelters and barns were destroyed and hay was lost. The Shiloh Horses just donated $100.00 to their organization, please check them out and see if you can help. Go here: Habitat for Horses

Here are some more videos from Shiloh that I took today. The first one is of Big Vacation Village, Shiloh's largest senior pasture:

The second video is of two of Shiloh's turn outs/arenas on the rescue side of the ranch.

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