Wednesday, April 2, 2008


A busy day today.

We had hardworking volunteers grooming and walking Echo Echo, Godspeed, and Moses. These horses LOVE the extra carrots and attention! We love to see the regular volunteers arriving and pitching right in, it makes everyone feel good.

We are trying to get organized for Pet-a-palooza. So far, we are planning on taking Daisy (of course), Baja, Moses, Starwood, and maybe another horse. They are going to need some major elbow grease to get them shedded out and looking their best! We might bring the goat, Muffett as well.

Geoff (our Farrier) worked hard on feet today. Geoff is extremely hard working and understanding with the horses, we love that!


Eric said...

AWESOME!! I knew Daisy would be going, but I am pleased to hear that Baja will be joining the festivities as well. Should be fun! :)

Resting Racers Ranch said...

Hi... where is your horse rescue located? I also operate a horse rescue business in Paulden, Arizona.