Sunday, April 6, 2008


A beautiful day, lots of volunteers and visitors. Lots of boarders too.

Inspirada and Will had some fun in the large turn out, galloping and bucking.

Pistol and Marble were adopted, and Mancado's adoption was finalized.

Lessons were taught, everyone was working hard. Many volunteers worked with the unhandable mares in the Mare Motel, we have assigned particular horses to certain experienced volunteers. At one point, every horse in the MM had a visitor spending time with it, trying to gentle it.
Sharil and Beauty, pictured above.

Thanks to everyone who care so much about the horses and other Shiloh animals, everyone is trying to make a difference- and they are.


Eric said...

I give Sharil one week and she will have that horse saddled! :)

KellyByrd1 said...

Sunday was sooooo fun! With our usual 100 lbs of carrots, my friend Yvonne and I were pretty popular with the kids! Willing is soooo stinking cute! Godspeed looks like a different horse! Breezie looks huge! The babies in the MM actually took carrots from our hands- some of whom would not in the past. Other more experienced volunteers must be working hard with them, and it shows! My favorite part of the day, though, was finding NASDAQ. My shy scaredy cat boy broke and entered! OK- his room-mates, the tiny ponies, probably did the breaking, and he probably just followed them, and it was more like exiting than entering, but they were with the wanderers! I was so proud of him- showing some courage! He let me walk right up to him, eat as many carrots as he wanted from my hand, and let me pet him on his face and neck. I was a distant second, however, to his interest in Oreo... he was VERY impressed with her, and was sweet-talking her and nose to nose with her. His interest in her was-well, let's just say evident... I also petted Sitka- poor, sweet, beautiful Sitka. What happened to her breaks my heart. It was the first time I got close enough to her to give her carrots. She was soooooo happy! I'm going to do anything to get past Latigo and feed her every time in the future. Thanks for a great day, Shiloh!

Andrea said...

I just read Sitka's story - oh - my - FART!! Somebody go give her a big hug from me, please?!