Saturday, April 12, 2008


What a FUN day! We had so many volunteers pitching in and tons of visitors to our area! Moses, Starwood, Baja, and Daisy were the hits of the day. We saw some old friends and we made some new ones. Tons of information was handed out about horse slaughter, Shiloh, volunteering, and visiting the rescue.

We have some wonderful photos and videos of the day that we will be posting tomorrow.

At first count it looks like we raised over $1,000.00 for the horses by offering Shiloh t-shirts, beaded horseshoes, and calendars for donations. I will have the exact amount posted tomorrow, all donations go to feed the rescue horses.

I have to say, Shiloh has some of the BEST VOLUNTEERS on Earth (both the ones who came to PAP, but also the ones who couldn't make it to today's event)! Everyone works hard- and they do it all for the horses. THANK YOU!

Check back tomorrow for the full scoop on the day!

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Andrea said...

Oh, how excellent! I'm hoping that box of beads I sent over came in handy....!! Look forward to hearing all the news....!!