Saturday, April 5, 2008


We had alot of volunteers and visitors today... The horses were stuffed with carrots.

Tripod Francis Kevin Bacon, the wandering pig, came by today to visit. He hung out with Will for a little while, which caused Will to run off bucking...

We had potential adopters trying horses out and Rex was adopted to a new home! Yesterday, Wildfire and Oreo were adopted.

Sabine taught some classes and Elisa and Sabine have been working very hard to show horses to interested adopters. Shiloh really appreciates their help and hard work, we could not do it without you!

We all worked with Sapphire, Beauty, and Gypsy- everyone trying hard to try to get some of the feedlot mares into new homes. Shiloh wants to thank everyone who is pitching in.

Fellow rescuer, Jo Deibel, from Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue in PA is visiting. Shiloh works closely with Angel Acres, and we are happy she is in town! We have put Jo to work helping us bead horseshoes for Pet-a-palooza.

We should be getting our Pet-a-palooza information packet in the next few days, once we get it we will be posting more info about the event, times to come, where we will be, etc. This is going to be a fun day!


The Horse Foundation, Inc. said...
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The Horse Foundation, Inc. said...

Thanks for all that you do!

Andrea said...

Just looked at Godspeed's video on your website..... looks as if he's filling out a bit now. He's putting weight on, right?! Shiny coat??! I'm so pleased!!!

Katerina said...

Sali, have you guys thought about may be baking some horse treats and trying to sell them?There is a lot of recipes on the Internet.We could have a stand on the front so people can get some when they visite

Renae said...

that is a great idea about baking the horse treats and selling them, could also do some dog treats for the petapalooza event