Tuesday, April 1, 2008


A nice sunny day today!

Pacific ended up in 5th place in his show this past weekend- he went clean in Cross Country. Congrats Sarah and Pacific! Great job...

We worked hard on make overs today, trying to get the horses up for adoption shedded out and cleaned up. Manes were pulled, many wormed again. We really have some wonderful horses up for adoption. The riders, Sabine and Elisa, are working hard with the horses, which really helps to find the correct homes for each horse..

We have a possible adoption pending for Hallelujah and Oreo, which is great news!

Moses was finally able to be moved from the barn where he was gaining weight and put into Assited Living where he can live in a herd. He seemed very happy and settled right down to eat with his new friends. Godspeed is looking and feeling like another horse- he will now buck and play when he gets turned out or when he is just out wandering. He is really showing some attitude which, after all he has been through, is fun to see. We haltered Little Will today, but the halter was too big, so he ran off bucking. He is such a stinker!!!


KellyByrd1 said...

Congratulations, Sarah and Pacific! Shiloh and you 'raised' a champion! But, I think they're all champions... they all survived... Wish I could have seen you try to halter Little Will- what a hoot that must have been! Glad to hear Godspeed is feeling much better. Surely by now his jaw must be tired, what with all that constant chewing!!ha-ha Hope all are well- Kelly

I'm Mikey said...

Congrats Sarah and Pacific! That's so great!! Makes my heart swell :)
Keep up the good work, all of you. I love reading your blog and seeing what's new. You run a real good rescue and set a good example for others. Don't ever stop!