Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weds and Thursday

Weds was super windy at the ranch, we all had to leave earlier than usual, without getting alot done! We were all covered with a film of sand... Geoff managed to get some horses trimmed, but he had to finally quit.

Little Will was excited by the blowing wind. Check out his new video of him playing (well, really bothering) his "Aunt" Apache. See it here!

We did manage to pick up a horse from Animal Control, he is a young paint Stallion who was found wandering the streets and went unclaimed. He is at Shiloh now, but may have a new home already. One of the Officers who worked on his case fell in love with him and may be adopting him. She will have him gelded once she gets him home.

Thursday was a beautiful day. We all worked hard- horses were moved around, Pet-a-palooza stuff was gathered up, horses were turned out to play... Geoff was back and worked all morning trimming and shoeing horses.

Look at Godspeed today! He is feeling like a different horse!

We got another new arrival from Animal Control today. He is an older Appy gelding who was neglected and has been kept in a corral for many years. He is unsocialized, but is settling in. We turned him out in a pasture where he can be with other horses in a more natural enviroment. He was very anxious upon his arrival, but will settle down with time. We have named him Pongo.

Here is a pic of "The Golden Girls" eating breakfast in Big Vacation Village. The Girls- Cactus, Marilyn, and Charity (in the farthest group along with two boys, Whiskey and Fremont)

We have added an update to the Pet-a-palooza page for Saturday's event!


Cheri said...

Pongo is such a perfect name for the new guy.Hew is spotted like a Dalmation It is really sad to think this beautiful horse has been neglected for this many years. He is going to LOVE SHILOH!

Chance said...

This is really neat. We sent a link to channel 8 about Godspeed doing so well and they posted his youtube video on their website with the update for readers. Here's the link below-(Thank goodness for Shiloh once again!!!)

Hope it works-otherwise we just went to their website and put shiloh horse rescue in the search

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Abandoned, Starved Horse Recovers

Updated: April 11, 2008 03:03 PM PDT

Also on

Horses Left to Die Behind Texas Station

There is a happy update about a horse that was discovered near death in February. The horse had been abandoned.

The horse, named Godspeed, was found locked in a trailer behind the Texas Station and was extremely malnourished and weak. He was taken to the Shiloh Horse Rescue to be nursed back to health.

Video of Godspeed has been posted on YouTube and shows that he has gained a lot of weight and appears to be much happier.

LasVegasNOW Video

chris said...

Pics are really great!!:)
Horses need a quality life just as much as any other living thing. If you are a horse owner, take responsibility for your animal and do everything possibly can to make sure that it is properly cared for from the time of its birth.