Friday, April 18, 2008

London Day Three- Tea with the Queen?

This morning, Traveler decided to journey out to try to have tea with the Queen. He took Jill and Sally with him...

Hitching a ride on Jill's shoulder, he headed out of the hotel...

"Excuse me sir, have you seen the Queen?" "Hello, did you hear me? Why won't you answer?"

Maybe these horses will help me...
"Ah...I guess not..."

"Could she be here?"

"Hmm, doesn't look like it..."

"Maybe the chaps at Scotland Yard will know..."
"Maybe I would have better luck asking at Parliment, maybe she is working today?"

"Excuse me, are you going to be riding out with the Queen and hounds today?" Hello, you there, down here!"
"Perhaps she is at Whitehall Palace..."

"Maybe Jill or Sally will ask this nice guard for me..."

"Or this guy looks even better..."

"Ah, Sally would you mind asking..."
"Sally, No!"

"Oh Bloody Bullocks, I landed in horse pee!

"Sally gives me the old boot...How embarrassing"

"Oh, God Save the Queen!"

"The sign didn't say anything about peeing on people..."

"I'm running late, and now I smell like pee. The Queen will never want to see me this way..."

Finally at Buckingham Palace..."And the Queen is in residence!"

"I guess I will just have to sit and wait... Mum, are you in there?"

Later, having a good cry on Jill's shoulder... "Is it too much to ask to have tea with the Queen? "

"On the way home, the girls felt sorry for me...

and turned me out in this beautiful English garden. This is better than tea anyday!"

"I didn't get to see the Queen after all, but I did see alot of London. Now, it's off to Birmingham and the big Autographica. No doubt there will be tons of fans waiting to get my autograph. If only that guy in the cowboy hat will stay away... "


LisaGS1223 said...

OMG... << "The sign didn't say anything about peeing on people..." >> ROFL!!

Katherine said...

Traveler, you can bring that sign back to Shiloh to tie on Salsa! LOL

KellyByrd1 said...

OK- you have me laughing out loud on a daily basis! For the 'pee problem' I recommend Febreeze... I have three boys (dogs)at home, who are perfect in my eyes, however, their room does benefit from frequent Febreeze spritzes... It's truly amazing! LOVE the pictures! Thank you for sharing your journey!

Andrea said...

"Bloody Bullocks"??? Ah, yes, that quaint English term only used by the Upper Classes in Knightsbridge!!! I see you're blending in really well!!! And as for Sally, well, I guess you drank a bit too much the night before???!