Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday in London- How the Bluebloods lived...

Today we were up early again...
"Hold that train! We have places to see and things to do!"
Traveler checks his train ticket...

Then he enjoys the railway.
" Here we are at Hampton Court Palace, one of the homes of King Henry VIII!"

"What an entrance!"

"Here is Henry, according to the Palace he was "Fair haired, lusty, with a nice turn of his calf." My Girls were not impressed."

Checking out the King's apartments.

"Well, well, well, look who's here! I wondered where you were. Thanks for nothing!"

"Can't we go out there?"

Once outside, Traveler decided to explore the famous Hampton Court Maze. "You go first Sally..."

Traveler and Sally get lost!

The girls took me back to Harrods, where I was welcomed by the guard...

And they bought me this cozy new English Rug. "Brilliant!" Now it's off to the BBC and Live Telly...
In the Green Room, watching my new best friend.

Then they did a story about the endangered Dartmoor Ponies! The girls want one...
Off to the hotel for a night in with a pint and "Football" game (the girls tell me it's really soccer). Who knows what tomorrow holds?


Cheri said...

I hope Traveler uses his finesse and brings back a Dartmoor Pony.
That would be cool!

I'm Mikey said...

Traveler, you rock! This is so cool to see England thru your eyes.
PS, I did find a home for the young man who showed up here

Andrea said...

Good to see you had the good taste to get a Scottish tartan blanket - they're so much warmer than the English tweed crud the Queenie wears!
And "soccer" is an American abomination of "Football" which is just another game the English are bad at!!!
You're turning into quite a "geezer" there, you know!