Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Navy Memorial

I stopped by the US Navy Memorial this morning to meet up with one of my friends who works there. Tony was a big supporter of the Memorial, donating money to create a commemorative wall, etc and I am looking to continue his support in his name.

Tony's plaque.

I had a tour with tonight's Lone Sailor award recipients and their families and then a quick lunch. We will all meet later tonight for the black tie dinner.

While touring the Memorial outside, I came across the following quotes used on bronze plaques to commemorate various branches of the US Navy. I just wanted to share some!

Explosive Ordinance Disposal: "Initial success or total failure"

Navy Family: "They who wait also serve"

Navy Chaplains: "Eternal Father strong to save"

Medicine: "Standing by to assist"

Reservists: "Twice a citizen"

Navy SEALS: "Failure is not an option"

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Jo Buchanan said...

My dad served in the Navy when Tony served. I am so proud of them & all who we are so humbled by. Jo Buchanan