Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Made It!

I made it safe and sound to Washington, DC.

My plane made a very weird and alarming sound before taking off, which freaked all is passengers out- but after a few minutes, yes minutes, it stopped and it was smooth flying from then on.

Next, I tackled driving my little rental car through a dark and rainy night to my hotel- that got a bit hairy too. I drove like what I am- a tourist!

Now, am off to have a drink with friends of mine and Tony's from the Navy...

I am doing it! :0)

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Found art blog said...

As per last post - YOU CAN!!!!! And it's quite liberating to become whoever you want to be.

ValerieB said...

Well done, Jill! Speaking from experience and as another 40-something year-old woman, acting "as if" has helped me make some big changes in my life. I admire you and hope you enjoy yourself tremendously on this trip, one of many to come, I am sure.