Saturday, September 24, 2011

Journey to Jamestown

"A verie fit place for the erecting of a great cittie", a sentence used to describe the settlement founded in 1607 in tidewater Virginia. Jamestown- the place known for Captain John Smith, Pocahantas, Powhatan and the "starving time".

I have always found Jamestown to be extremely fascinating, even moving. Something has always drawn me there. Who knows, if we do indeed have past lives, maybe I was here at some point in some way?

Pocahantas. We all know her story- but the most interesting part for me is when she visited England in 1616 with her settler husband, John Rolfe. Sadly, in 1617, Pocahantas fell ill and died on her return trip. She is buried far from home in Gravesend, England.

Within the last 10 years, the actual site of James Fort has been found and excavated. Visitors can see the actual dimensions of the 1607 fort, it is amazing. I like to stand in the middle of what was the fort, look up into the sky or out over the James River and imagine what it was like over 400 years ago...

The statue of Captain John Smith looks out over the river.

There is a great museum on the site where hundreds of artifacts are on display. This is one of my favorites- a pair of dog paw prints (a big dog and a little dog) in a discarded tile. I love knowing that dogs were dogs- even 400 years ago!

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