Friday, September 23, 2011

Navy Dinner

I attended the US Memorial Lone Sailor dinner last night. The Lone Sailor is awarded to "those who have distinguished themselves in their chosen careers and, in doing so, have exemplified the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment from their earlier service in the armed forces."

Tony received the award in 1994. This year's recipients were Jerry Coleman, the only Major League Baseball player who has seen combat during two wars as a Marine Aviator (he is now known as the voice of the San Diego Padres). Actors Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges and their father, Lloyd Bridges for their Coast Guard service. Bob Feller, a Major League Baseball player who enlisted in the US Navy within days of the attack on Pearl Harbor and served as a gun captain aboard the battleship USS Alabama. Brian Lamb, founder and CEO of C-SPAN and Navy Veteran.

It was a great honor to attend the dinner, Tony was a huge supporter of the Armed Forces and I will continue that support for him. I met so many wonderful and friendly people- I had many people stop by my table to tell me how much they loved Tony. I had a wonderful escort to the dinner, Michael Quigley, who works at Navy Intelligence. Thank you, Michael!

I left Washington, DC today and am slowly making my way to Jamestown, one of my favorite places to visit...

So far, so good!

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Anonymous said...

It will stay good, and it will get better !!!
Good luck...

Found art blog said...

Oh Wow!! Sounds like a terrific evening!!