Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday's Big Horse Move

It was a long and busy day today. Unfortunately, I dropped my camera into one of the Okay Corral water tubs when I was cleaning it! As I bent over the tub to scrub it, I noticed something sitting on the bottom in the remaining water. It was my camera! I am trying to dry it out as I had some really good photos and videos on it from today! If I do get them back, I will post them for everyone to see...

We performed a big spring horse move today. We moved the Easy Street horses into Okay Corral, Assisted Living into Easy Street, The Gummies into Assisted Living and made a new special needs pen where the Gummies used to be.

Even though all of our corrals are cleaned daily, as horses were moved out, each area was dragged really well and feed buckets were reorganized. This re-grouping of horses streamlines our daily feeding, each area is assigned so many bags of senior feed according to the needs of the horses that live there.

As horses gain weight and health, they "graduate" into the next level- for example, Mendoza eventually graduated from a barn stall to the Gummies and now into Assisted Living. Melvyn and Eagle, two very special needs horses, moved from their barn stalls into our special needs corral. This way they can be in with like horses in a herd setting, rather than in a single stall alone. This is much healthier, both physically and emotionally, for the horses. This way, all of our horses, even the most fragile, can enjoy a quality horse life. It's very nice to see these special horses interacting like horses should. They may be a bit slower, but they still like to do their "horse things" with their pals...

Great news as Echo Echo actually wandered today! He is doing so much better and spent quite a long time slowly wandering freely in the warm sun. Great Job, Echo!

We had lots of volunteers and visitors out today for the Holiday weekend. Everyone got carrots and many of our older guys were groomed and spoiled. I think it will be a busy weekend for us, which is always nice.

It looks like the new Fallon Feedlot horses will be arriving at Shiloh late on Monday night. We look forward to welcoming them to the rescue.

I am really hoping my camera dries out!


Mrs Mom said...

A couple years back, I had to replace my FLIP camera too. While looking around online, I saw that FLIP has a water proof version available.

If you still use that brand, check it out! Might be just what the Dr ordered ;)

the7msn said...

I've heard that the best way to dry out a waterlogged electronic device is to bury it in a sack of rice.