Saturday, April 17, 2010


Some Adopted Horse updates!

Scout: On Weds, Scout left for his new home outside of Chicago, IL. Have a good trip Scout!


Skittle is now called Little Bit and she is learning to pull a cart!

Pokie Dot:
"Here are a few pictures of Pokie Dot....I named her Pixie. She is doing great, she has been getting brushed everyday and we are working on her legs getting touched. Pixie was very excited to get her pink bucket(she played with it quite a bit). I was able to get her to take carrots from my hand twice now and she is starting to come up to me and smell my hand. I would like to thank Shiloh for giving me the opportunity to adopt Pixie, she is a wonderful pony and I am very happy that she has joined my family."

A great match for Pokie Dot/Pixie!

"Check out his star... now that is has shed out... he has a heart on his forehead. Plain as day! They keep teasing me at the ranch that I shaved it that way. Nope. He has a heart marking! If that isn't a reason to give him a new life I don't know what is!"

Amanda said he has put on 60 pounds and is doing wonderfully! Great news for Intrepid, who is now called Areo!

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ke ndra said...

i am so glad to see that aeronautics got a great home i was so worried after jill told me bill quillan runs the fallon feedlot. he bald faced lied to me about him transporting the horses for shiloh, but im glad to see something good come from something so terrible, thank you!