Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adopted Horse UPDATES: Reno, Bombay and Seven


I was forwarded this from Reno's owner, Cindy: "Reno now lives just 15 miles from the gateway to Yosemite. We have 5 acres, which is now covered in tall grass. He has his cozy 36x24 stall and he also has his own turnout area in the trees. I am forwarding a picture of him grazing in one of his favorite spots.

Reno continues to be our biggest pet and just a love. He and I usually just go bareback around the property or go a mile down the road to my girlfriend's arena. The first time he met the new farrier, he plopped down right at the farriers feet and rolled. Then rolled again. The farrier said, "well, I've never had that happen before." Each night he is tucked in, about 9PM, with carrots and a pat. Reno is a ham. He also kneels down, right onto his knees, stops there, and will start to graze. LOL. It looks hysterical."

Lucky Reno and his new grass turnout...


Bombay in her adoptive home in Wyoming. She is doing great, really filled out and now with Spring finally there, she is ready to begin her new life, and new job, with her new owner, Sonnet. Looking good, Bombay!


Thanks to Darcy who emailed me this update:

"Thought you would be tickled to know that we had a playdate in our arena today. Some folks from Arizona came and introduced us to horse soccer!! It was SOOOO COOL!! We had a really good time!! Seven was pretty convinced that the HUGE black and white ball was out to eat him, but he did pretty good for never having been around one. He looks so pretty when he arches his neck and gets a wide eyed look at something.... :) He wouldn't touch the ball, or allow it to touch him (heaven forbid) but he would "sneak" up on it - all kinds of curious and alert. (all Arab) :) He got to where he let himself relax and didn't mind following it with the other horses, as long as it didn't come towards him. Was very proud of him, and when they come back again we plan on signing up for a clinic!! It was so much fun!! I think Seven will really enjoy it once he allows himself too. Wish you could have seen it!!

My camera died after only two pictures and neither one of them have Seven in them, but if someone else sends us some pictures we'll pass them along!! Thanks again - we've had two wonderful years together and we're looking forward to many more. He is such a gem!!"

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