Tuesday, February 23, 2010

While we have been gone...

Some photos from the past week at Shiloh...

One of the Ranch Cats. One of the many feral cats who we have adopted from our local feral cat society and who live out at Shiloh...

Over in the Bungalow area, Sherlock, the Curly colt, gets to know Wanderer Concho.

Wanderers Charlie and Concho like to hang out close to the young guys.

Patti and Michele work with Sherlock.

Lindsey Loham drinks from a puddle.
Some of the Shiloh youngsters in the Bungalows, left to right: Spice, Fancy, Sedona and Sherlock. Our young guys live and play together.

Our wandering Llama, Inca.

Tanya looking good in her de-lousing outfit. Some of the new feedlot guys have lice.

Success! Patti got a halter onto Sherlock. Great job guys!

Dave set up the new (but used) red corral panels onto the Barn. They match the roof. Notice Melvyn looking out of his stall...

The red panels look great! Hi Melvyn!

The Saloon pasture.

A view of the Hospice, Calamity is on the left, Cocktail on the right.

The Area 51 pasture eating their hay. That's Pecos, Chunky Monkey. Twerp, Amiga, Lovely, Shamrock's eyes and ears, Blahnik and Tioga (the Paint).

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Moe said...

Wonderful pictures God Bless you all for what you do!!