Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Very Rainy Day!

It is absolutely pouring rain today- at Shiloh and in the Las Vegas area in general. It has not rained like this in years. Of course, we need the rain and we are happy to have it- but it gets everything just covered with mud and dripping wet!

The seven new Fallon Feedlot horses arrived. All are safe and sound in the Isolation area. As always, they are stressed after all they have been through, but everyone is eating and drinking and the ones who need blankets have them on.

The following photos were taken in the pouring rain- you can see the water makes everything fuzzy looking. But, at least everyone can see what the new guys look like.

This is the black colt who was rescued for $120.00. We have named him Marley because he is covered with dried mud dreadlocks. He seems very sweet and friendly.

This is Peso, the older Paint gelding who was rescued for $135.00. He is the most depressed of them all and just stands eating quietly. He seems very resigned to whatever his fate may be. Once he realizes that he is in a good place, his spirit will begin to show.

This is a Thoroughbred gelding who was rescued for $400.00. He appears friendly, but is a bit stressed and really just wants to be left alone for now.

We always give the new horses a few days to just relax and get accustomed to their new surroundings. Many of them have gone through some big changes and bad environments, so we leave them alone, keep the stress low, and keep a close eye on them. We just make sure they have plenty to eat and drink and after a few days we begin to interact a bit more with them.

This is Lobo (meaning Wolf), the paint colt who was rescued for $260.00. He appears healthy, but a bit nervous and shy.
This is Magic, the older gelding rescued for $175.00. He is very sweet!

This little filly was rescued for $150.00 and we have named her Fame.

This is Stitch (named for some stitches that he currently has in his eyelid), a Thoroughbred gelding who was rescued for $350.00.

The Okay Corral horses actually used some of their shelters today! Yay!
Look at the rain pouring off of the rain gutters of the Mare Motel.

Diego filled the Medical area's water buckets from under the City Center shelter.

Donkey Otie ate his feed under a shelter in the Cherry Pie Area.

We sent Sanctuary horse, Chance into the vet clinic for a mild colic. He is doing well, but will remain in the clinic until Monday morning. He had been straining to pass manure. He passed some in the trailer, which was great. His heart rate is still a bit high in the clinic so they want to monitor him just in case.
Everyone stayed under cover today...

Schwartz was soaked!

And Peanut was ready to go home!


Cathy said...

Another job WELL DONE! I am hoping to come out and visit you guys this year..........its been too long!

Facebook has been a wonderful way to re-connect and to keep up with the amazing things that you and all of Shiloh do!

Thanks from all the horses, they can't say it, but I definitely know they show it!!!

Cathy :)

Elisa said...

Wow! Peanut actually looks like a sweety there! Its all an act, tho.

Sharil said...

Donkey Otie!!! Awwww, get in the barn with Jimmy Dean!!! No worries, because you won't have to move out of your stall to get fed, right Jilly? hahah

Love ya<3

Elaine said...

Love the Pics and the arrival of the new horses. Cannot wait to get out their and help do whatever.