Friday, February 12, 2010

New Arrivals and Lots of Photos!

Sally and I are back at Shiloh, all the horses look great- but the ranch is just mud! But, we are happy to be back!

Two new Fallon Feedlot horses arrived late last night. We were called yesterday morning about these two thin horses. Melvyn (named for the restaurant and historic hotel where we stayed in Palm Springs) , the emaciated gelding was rescued for $15.00, the cost of his Brand Inspection paperwork. Indio, the thin mare, was saved for $220.00.

Melvyn's sweet face. He is a gelding in his 30's.

His condition.

Poor guy!

He is emaciated.

We moved him into a barn stall where he will be well protected and comfortable. (We always isolate new horses for 30 days, but in this case, he needs immediate special care.) Here he is being gently groomed by a new volunteer.

After he ate breakfast, he dozed in his stall and dreamed of the better times to come...

He was given a bran mash with oil to make sure everything keeps moving and to help rehydrate him after his exhausting trip. He is now wearing a nice warm blanket...

This old guy has a very special personality!

Melvyn loves his food! Of course, because of his condition, he has to be introduced to feed very carefully, but, if you ask him, he is ready to chow down! Right now he is eating free feed grass hay and Alfalfa pellets (which is what he is begging for in this short video). Eventually, he will be introduced to Equine Senior, etc. His appetite and spirit is a very good sign for his recovery! (Sorry for the baby talk- but he is just too cute!) :o)
This is Indio, the thin mare. She needs to gain lots of weight, but nothing like Melvyn. She is very gentle.

We have aged her at about 14 years old.

Lindsey Loham has claimed City Center as her territory. Here she dozes in the sun...

And then waded in the mud puddle...

We all set up a new turn out/arena on the far side by the pastures. It looks great!

We also took down the two mismatched round pens and added a nice one.
Little Vacation Village is just bogged down in sticky mud, so we moved the horses into a turn out for a few days to let their pasture dry out. Sharil walked Susie Q as Image followed.
The LVV horses were so happy to be in a dry pen! Left to right: Priceless, Whiskey, Capone, Sy and Laramie.

Over in the Bungalows, Hutch rolled in the mud in the attached turn out.

Beau, Napa and Hawkeye spent some time in the turn out.

Big Pasture.

Big Pasture eating their hay...

We welcomed Elisa back to Shiloh! She is back to ride horses and we are all happy to see her again! Here she is on Cocktail. This is a really nice mare, good mannered and fun to ride. We will be filming Cocktail's first adoption video in a few weeks...

Elisa and Calamity. Another nice riding horse. Calamity still needs to gain some more confidence (she only has one eye), but she was also well mannered and a cute, compact little mare.

Elisa and Gentry. He did very well, but it's obvious that he was not happy in his previous life. Once he realizes that he can enjoy being ridden, he will really make someone a really cool riding horse!

Even Granite was hopped on. He is so slow and quiet, but needs a refresher in turning, etc! With some work, he will make a great husband type horse.

Elisa and Truce. All of these horses did great on their first ride since their rescues. In a few weeks, we will be starting their adoption evaluations and making videos of them.

Welcome back, Mr. Cecil! Cecil is Elisa's one eyed Doxie...


Helga said...

What a wonderful group of new arrivals, and nice to see Priceless, Laramie and co. out in the big dryer area enjoying them self. I see Hutch was rolling in the mud :)) Ha ha ha, well I guess I have the job made up for me tomorrow when I will be grooming him. I will be there tomorrow with my buckets :)

Mikey said...

Ahh, Lake Shiloh! lol
That Indio, she's going to be a looker when she fills out. That old boy you picked up, gosh he looks terrible. But his eyes say he's going to make up for everything, he's not done yet. Good job, once again, ladies. You always save the ones who so desperately need it. I love y'all.