Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daisy and the "I Read to Animals" Program

Yesterday, Daisy was the guest animal at the Best Friends' "I Read to Animals" program held at the Paseo Verde library in Green Valley. This is a program that helps children with reading confidence- they research and learn about the visiting animal and then spend some time reading to the animal.

Jill introduced Daisy and spoke a little about Shiloh and Daisy's story. Sally, Robin, Daria and Sharil also went along...

Daisy was decked out in her new Easy Ride therapeutic hoof boots.

Sally and Daisy listen to some reading..

Then Daisy went off and visited each child in the line. We just let her go and she did this all on her own!

Visiting new friends...

As you can imagine, Daisy was a HUGE hit!
Daisy is a natural at this. In fact, we are looking into having Daisy certified as a therapy animal.

A fun day for the kids and for Daisy!


Leah said...

This is wonderful! It takes many different and unusual ideas to stimulate children's reading. What a great thing you gals did. Daisy looks fantastic too! You'd never know you gals had mud out at the rescue to look at her.

Mikey said...

I think Daisy would make a perfect therapy animal. What a great idea!!
I love the pics with the kids. Looks like Daisy was on her very best behavior :)