Monday, February 22, 2010

I haven't heard from the vet about Apache- but no news REALLY is good news. We already discussed her treatment with the vet and that it will take multiple tubings with oil and water over a few days to get things moving like they should. I will hear about her today and I will post an update...

Here is a very interesting article about our Wild Mustangs. What a mess the BLM has made.

I do have some great photos from Dave from this past weekend that I will post very soon- but I am trying to take advantage of my vacation to try to stay away from work if possible! :o)

Those of you who are on our Facebook, probably know that Sally and I are still on our Mexican vacation. Tony brought us to Cabo San Lucas for my 40th birthday. We will return home on Thursday. It's beautiful here and we are having a wonderful time!

Here is Sally hitting family members with a giant noodle...

My brother, Tom, Tony, my sister in law Kelly, my niece, Abbey, and my other sister in law Stephanie.
Guess who else came along. Traveler! I keep trying to get him to write his blog but...

He keeps insisting that he is on vacation as well!

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