Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vet Day!

We had a very busy and very long vet day on Tuesday...

Sadly, we had to have Sanctuary Horse, Jackson, put to sleep. His neurological problem had advanced and his quality of life had diminished. He could no longer control his front legs. Jackson passed very quickly, surrounded by his Shiloh Family. Jackson is buried at the far end of his pasture, Little Vacation Village, where he will always be close to his herdmates...

Later over at City Center:

Everyone was there for the big show!

Sanctuary Horse, Providence, had a Tracheotomy put in! Provie has a huge growth in his throat latch, he has had it for years and we have had it biopsied many times. It is now affecting his breathing, so in order to keep his quality of life going, the vet put the trach in. It's actually very simple, but does need to be removed and a clean one put in daily.

Cutting the hole.

The hole!

His Trach. We had to remove it today and clean it- it was a bit hairy for Jill, Sally, Tanya and Jill (and Leo looked a bit quesy)- but we did it. It will get easier with some more practice...

Within a few minutes of his procedure on Tuesday, he was actually off galloping with his pal, Vista, in the round pen!

Isn't horse rescue interesting?

Lovely had one of her teeth checked. The vet was hoping to remove the sore tooth, but she is so unsteady on her feet due to her advanced neurological condition that it was not possible to do it safely.Dr. Schur looked at her tooth x-ray. The x-rays are immediately uploaded to this computer so decisions can be made in real time.

Because of her unsteadiness, Lovely actually fell down with just a small amount of sedation. So, we will just treat her with a long term antibiotic and see if that can clear some of her tooth problem up.

Dave was being really bad, so we put him in Jail...

Wanderer Scrappy watched from the truck...

Eagle watched too from his barn stall.

We had Hutch's leg x-rayed. We found that one of his Sesamoid bones in his foot is fractured (sadly, a very common race horse injury). We have to just give him lots of time to heal...

Cognac was also x-rayed.

Her x-ray showed a condylar fracture of her Cannon Bone. Another sad result of the racing industry's policy of racing such young, under developed horses. It's possible we can treat this surgically, we should know more in a day or two. Otherwise, time will heal it, but she will develop arthritis...Intrepid was also x-rayed.

He had the same injury as Cognac.

New Volunteers spent time grooming Sitka.

Sharil and Donkey Otie messed around.

Next up for the x-ray machine- Levi.

His hip was x-rayed. He had a very badly broken hip many years ago. We knew this, but we wanted to see just how bad it was and see if we could help him. But, there isn't anything we can do, so he will just continue on as he is (which is happy with his friends in Assisted Living)...

Many boarders had there horses teeth done, etc. It was a very busy day for everyone!

Weds Activities:

Of course, after Dr. Schur was at Shiloh ALL DAY yesterday, Veteran decided to colic this morning! Luckily, Dr. Ballard was across the street working on neighbor's horses.

He examined Veteran and found a small impaction.
He tubed and oiled him and we are now watching him.
Tanya gave him a hug. He does seem to be responding to the treatment...

We had a special delivery today!

Our life sized Painted Pony, Shiloh, arrived! He is now in the office.

He looks so cool!

Sharil added Jackson and Arsons' names to our rock Memorial Garden.

Sally and Donkey Otie had a disagreement about leaving the Cherry Pie area. Sally eventually won, but it was close!

And finally, we welcomed Beau back to Shiloh. He was adopted a year ago, but just never clicked with his owner (no fault of his). We will work with him and re-evaluate him for another home.


the 4 D's said...

this day was so cool to see how it all comes together

Mikey said...

How did I miss this post?! That trach was knarly!! The Painted Pony is gorgeous. That's a whole lot of Xrays!! But very cool, I love that you post them, I love to look at them.
Still can't get over that trach! That's just, wow...amazing!