Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weds 10/1/08

My camera broke today, so no pics or videos! Sorry. I will get a new one either today or tomorrow.

We brought Eureka back to Shiloh today, he could not wait to get into the trailer. Once he got out at the rescue, all he wanted to do was to go back into Assisted Living with his friends. He was passing lots of oil, so things are moving great. He seemed fine today, so we will have to wait for the bloodwork to be returned from the lab.

Sunday had his Magic Shoes removed by Tray. He laid quietly for the whole procedure, he's so sweet. We are still a bit concerned about his left hind leg. We will haveit checked by the vet next week, he may need to have his shoes put back on again for a while.

We have SO MANY older horses now, all our mid 20's are now late 20's and 30's. So we enlarged Assisted Living today to add more horses. We also enlarged the Gummie Pen. We are now feeding an incredible 14 bags of Equine Senior PER DAY! Behind hay, it is our biggest expense. But, Shiloh always saves some of the older guys at the auctions, after all they have done in their lives, they deserve care and love in their old age. Many of the older guys have to have the senior feed to keep their weight on...

I wanted to thank those of you who have chosen Shiloh as your charity for the MGM Mirage Voice Foundation. Last month Shiloh received a check for over $400.00. I just got another check for $178.00. All this money goes to feeding the horses. Any of you who work for the MGM Mirage company, you can choose Shiloh as your charity. It's a wonderful program and the horses thank you all for the support! Of course, we are thankful for everyone's support!

Arson is doing well, still in the clinic. We are hoping by the end of the week that he can come home, but we cannot rush it. The vets are still keeping him in as sterile as an enviroment as they can to fight the infection.


Cheri said...

I love the seniors at Shiloh. They
all seem to know they have been given a second chance at Shiloh and
are very happy and serene. Thanks to Jill & Sally for your big hearts to give them all a chance to live out their lives in a wonderful place they are really cared for. Thanks for giving so much to them! (They told me to tell you that) :)

Sharil said...

Go MGM !! I couldnt have picked a better place for my money to go to. Love you Shiloh