Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! It was another nice day at the rescue, warm and balmy.

Not only is it Halloween, but it is also Nevada Day! This is the day we commemorate the admission of the State of Nevada into the Union in 1864. Just an FYI-the phrase "Battle Born" on the NV flag commemorates this entry into the Union side during the Civil War.

Inspirada was ridden again, this is one very sweet young mare. With some more mileage under the saddle, she will really make someone a wonderful riding horse. She is easy to work with and a quick learner.

Yvonne ventured into Little Vacation Village to check everyone and to do some grooming. Here she is with Whiskey and Cleveland and it looks like she has a goat friend sneaking up behind her!

Great news as Arson returned home to Shiloh from the vet clinic this morning. His foot is healing nicely, although it still needs to be treated every 3-4 days. He took a nice roll in his shavings in his stall. He seemed very happy to be back in the middle of all the action...

P. Shaggy leisurely ate his Equine Senior on the Cherry Pie's grass area.

Hope to see some of you at Tony's Book Signings this weekend. Go here for more info!

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Found art blog said...

Fab video of li'l Sunday there! Can just "hear" him going "WHOOOO HOOOO!!"
Any updates on Godspeed?