Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two Busy Days!


Yesterday was a short vet day at Shiloh. Dr. DorenKamp from Desert Pines was out to work on the horses.

We had Harlow, the Haflinger mare, checked for pregnancy- she IS NOT pregnant. Although she was certified by a PA vet back in January, it's possible she lost the baby and her body reabsorbed it before she was ever sent to the auction. Sad news, but for the best. There are way too many horses out there already.

Harlow is checked...

Moonshine had his Harbonema (Summer Sore) on his sheath cut away. All of the granulated tissue was removed. It looks better already. Poor guy!

That has got to hurt!

Sunday had a Magic Shoe put back on his left hind. His leg was still too low, almost walking on his cornet band. He is walking much better and looks great. He will wear it for another 2-3 weeks. He was excellent for the farrier and vet.

The vet checks his eye, It is healing well, but he scraped it a little bit to encourage healing.

Sunday is laid down, he's so good, he just lays still as he is worked on.

His new shoe! Look how straight his leg is now...


The Sun City Anthem Pet Club visited the rescue today. Everyone handed out carrots and got a tour of the ranch and the rescue horses. Thanks to the Pet Club for coming!

Handing out carrots...

Sunday was one of the star attractions, as usual!

Canyon gets some extra attention from a Pet Club member.

Shiloh Volunteer, Liz groomed some of the Gummies, here she works on sweet old Priceless.

Daisy hanging out and eating breakfast with Maverick and Echo Echo in Mesquite Manor...

This last picture is a bit disturbing- it's Oscar Meyer doing something "bad" to a straw bale. I just had to post it!


Andrea said...

Ummmm, is that Oscar doing his "bunny rabbit" impression?? Or is that his normal facial expression?!?!?!

Mikey said...

That seriously is a freaky picture!! Made me laugh though. Definitely a keeper!