Friday, October 10, 2008

A fun day

Don't forget: Tomorrow is Shiloh's vet, Desert Pine's Open House. Some of us will be attending and we will be selling beaded horseshoes and t-shirts. Hope to see some of you there!
Today was a great day! We all had a good time working together. It was warm, but the wind and dust did kick up again around 1pm.

Of course, it was not all smooth sailing. Suki drank Jill's Pumpkin Spice Latte that Sharil had bought her at Starbucks. We had all gotten out of the truck at the feedstore early in the morning, with Jill dreaming of enjoying the latte on the drive to Shiloh. But, it was not to be, instead, Suki enjoyed it.

But, to make up for it, Jill, Sally and Sharil went on a trail ride. (Suki was locked in the barn stall at the time!) Jill rode Tanis, Sally rode her horse, Sage, and Sharil rode Borrego. It was a beautiful day and we had a great ride. Spur, Curry, and Breezer went along with us.

Checking out the back of Shiloh from outside the fence.

Back at Shiloh, Sandi cleaned up Pioneer and did all the wound care.
Elisa hopped on NASDAQ for the first time since he arrived at Shiloh. NASDAQ was right off of the racetrack and needed alot of rehab time, as he was stressed from his life on the racetrack and was suffering from stomach ulcers. His attitude has really made a positive change and he was great under saddle.
Six, another young TB, was also ridden for the first time. He was very thin at the time of his rescue and also needed time off to forget the days on the racetrack. He is very willing and a nice big gelding.

Karin from EQUUS SPA treated NASDAQ to a spa treatment. EQUUS SPA is offering a great deal to spoil some of the Shiloh Horses. Please click here to find out how your favorite horse can get a spa session!


KellyByrd1 said...

Hello all you Shiloh fans! Did you see NASDAQ's picture of his spa bath? The lady who provides the service, Karin, was super patient with him. He's a little touchy near the flank, but she handled him very gently and he looked just beautiful! You should have seen the dirt that came off his face onto the nice clean white towel! 'Course right after his bath he plunged his whole face right into his feed bucket... Well, at least I know how handsome he can be! I fell for him because he was so homely, and now am thrilled because he is so handsome! Long story short, if you can I recommend the spa bath for your horse. It's a great experience for the horse! And a wonderful photo op as well! See you all Sunday- Kelly

Sharil said...

No Complaints from me Sally or I. We took our coffee with us inside.( We knew better) It was yummy. HAHAHA

..We'll try again tomorrow..:)


Found art blog said...

What a brilliant idea!! Serious spoiling for a horse! Love it! (I figure Nasdaq got mucky again so he'd get another spa session...!)

Katherine said...

It's always great to see you guys riding!

Equus-Spa said...

Thanks Kelly, I had a great time with you and Nasdaq, and look forward to coming to Shiloh again. Thanks for your hospitality Jill, and I'll see you again soon. Peace, Karin/EquusSpa