Monday, October 6, 2008

Arson is home at Shiloh!

First of all- THANK YOU to all the support we got for Arson's vet bill. It was a HUGE help!

And now the good news- Arson came home from the vet clinic today! He was ready to come home and we are happy he is back. Arson was a favorite of the vet techs, he would always whinny at them when they came to work on him...

We have to keep his hoof very, very clean. It must stay wrapped with the wrapping changed and the area flushed out every 2-3 days. We have made up a bedded stall for him in the barn...

His wrapped foot.

The missing hoof wall. The white area is where his coffin bone is- but the white coloring is medication that was packed in the area.

The bottom of his hoof with the Z-Bar shoe, which supports his hoof.

Dr. Ballard replaces the hospital plate. It screws onto the bottom of his shoe to help keep the area sterile...

The vet techs say goodbye to Arsie!

Arson checks out his stall back home at Shiloh. He also will need to wear standing wraps to keep his legs from stocking up with fluid. He is able to be turned out daily in the small round pen which is great for him.

Welcome home, Arson!

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Sharil said...

Welcome Home Aarson!!You are on your way to a healthy recovery with the Shiloh Dream Team..