Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Warm Tuesday

First off- Shiloh is having another Vet Day at the rescue on Tuesday March 10th, we have a list of horses who will be worked on. Boarders- if you need the vet to do something with your horse, please call Desert Pines to add your horse to the list. (Note: Boarded horses will be seen AFTER the Shiloh Horses are finished.)

Chief UPDATE: Chief remains in the clinic, although he has improved some, his prognosis is still guarded. He has been moved out of the intensive stall and is now in their mare motel- but it took him five minutes to walk the short distance to get there. He is still having great trouble controlling his hindquarters, although he can get up and down better now. We are thinking he must have a had some traumatic injury to his spinal cord. All we can find at the rescue is one area by one of the turn outs where it looks like a horse was cast at some point, probably at night, but Chief has no visible injuries. He is still being treated with steriods. Please keep a good thought for this special horse, with our vet's care, we are doing all we can for him.

On the lighter side, it was a beautiful day at Shiloh today, the weather was nice and warm. Looks like Spring is on it's way!

It was a nice quiet day, no emergencies and all the animals were enjoying the sun. All the horses are shedding out their winter coats causing chunks of hair to blow all over the ranch. The new horses are settling in and are enjoying the attention from the volunteers. Bombay, who is in good shape, is starting to work a little bit. She is a nice big sound mare, a great mover who should make a great prospect horse for someone. Domingo and Wasabi are nervously awaiting their vet day when they will be castrated...
Jimmy Dean lounged in the warm sand in Tanis' stall...

Capone watching Trigger wander by. Although Capone is still very frail, he did whinny for his feed this morning, which is a great sign. He is starting to show more interest in his enviroment...

Capone eating his Equine Senior...

Pal was worked in the round pen. Pal is doing great, moving sound and being ridden a few times a week. He is very sweet, but has great spunk and get up and go for his age. He still has some years of pleasure riding ahead of him and will make someone an excellent trail riding friend.

Elisa cleaned up New Arrival, Woody, on the new washrack.


Sharil said...

I just love to watch all the personalitys come out of the NEW animals once they arrive at Shiloh!! You can see it in their eyes and you know that they know they have finally arrived into such good caring hands and hearts.
Thanks for all you do Shiloh!!!

I can't wait to use the new wash rack... :)

Love ya

ChicasMom said...

What a peaceful day for you all!sigh of relief.Good news on Chief,being a young horse he will pull through, right? That is one awesome wash rack.Capone seems like he's settling in when he gave a whinny...great job ALL!
You guys ROCK something awesome!
Keep up the great work.