Thursday, March 19, 2009


Some sad news to share as old Mayflower passed away sometime late last night. She was in her late 20's and in failing health.

She arrived at Shiloh two years ago with a group of pregnant mares who were rescued from slaughter off of the Feedlot. Luckily, Mayflower proved not to not be pregnant. We will never forget seeing Mayflower at the feedlot where she was tagged with spray paint for slaughter (below).

Mayflower spent her days at Shiloh in the Cuckoo's Nest pasture where she lead a good horse life with her herdmates. Just two weeks ago we pulled her in to put her on a new medication for her chronic diarrhea. She spent the last two weeks in the Bungalows, she was found inside of her indoor stall early this morning.

With our vet's help, we had Mayflower on and off medications for years to try to help her with her chronic intestinal problems, but to no avail. Although never really healthy, she did have a comfortable and caring home where her needs were met and where she was loved. She will be missed.
Rest in peace, Mayflower...

Mayflower, last week in her Bungalow...

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