Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Pics

CHIEF UPDATE: Great news- Chief looks like he is doing better. He is standing up 85% of the time and can get himself back up when he does lay down. His splint is helping him and he is bright and eating. He is off of his steroids and will stop his antibiotics tomorrow, but remains on Bute. There is a possibility that he might be able to return home to Shiloh sometime next week if he continues this way. We just want to get him home and give him a safe stall where he can enjoy the activity at the rescue. His vet bill is up to almost $4,000.00, so please donate to his Fund if you would like to help out. We appreciate all of the support and well wishes from everyone! We will be selling items at Pet-a-palooza next month which will go toward his bill also.

Sally and I met with Animal Control, the Dept of Ag, County Commissioner reps, and the Horse Council today. Together we are working on how to help horses in our community. As we continue to move forward with some of the ideas, we will post more info.

Mark your calendars, Pet-a-palooza is coming up! Shiloh will be taking Daisy, Rugrat, Baja, and possibly Trigger to this year's event- it will be Shiloh's Pony Power Team! Of course, Jimmy Dean will be coming as well to represent all of the non-equine animals at Shiloh! We are going to try to get him to wear a Shiloh t-shirt, so keep your eyes open for that! I will be posting more info next week for people who would like to come by and hand out flyers, hold the ponies, etc.

In April, Sally and Jill will be attending this year's Animal Care Expo at Ballys and working at the Homes For Horses Booth. We will also be attending the Homes For Horses conference where we meet and brainstorm with the HSUS and other rescues from across the country on horse welfare issues.

Here are some more pictures from the past two days...

Baja in the pig's barn stall!
Jimmy Dean, Bacon Bits, and Pygmalia eat their Trader Joe's donated produce. Looks like tomatoes and string beans today!

A Shiloh volunteer spends some time with Tumbleweed.

Sanctuary horse, Sundance looking cute in Big Vacation Village...

Is this THE CUTEST picture of ranch dog Curry Comb or what? What a face!

The mountain behind Shiloh...

A Shiloh sunset.
Muffet and Exceller fight over Equine Senior in Assisted Living...

Inca enjoys her food!


the 4 D's said...

We are SO HAPPY Chief is doing better. I know everyone has said alot of prayers for him. I know I believe in miracles.
Jill and Sally all of the animals look GREAT! You are doing a marvelous job. The ranch is looking good as well. Kudos to Darian for the Curry photo and the mountain and sunset. She is learning from her mom. Haha!

Found art blog said...

Yay for Chief!!!! Would you like another painting to raffle at April's Pet event?

Amy said...

Tumbleweed is so emaciated. Her face looks skeletal. How long do you think she was in the desert? or did someone have her, starving, and then dump her? so crazy
how about some news on the horses from fallon auction? that paint stud? how is he?

Gina Ward said...

God Bless Shiloh, and God Bless Jill & Sally! And while we are at it, God Bless all the animals they've managed to rescue! Tumbleweed will be loved and cared for and I know whoever dumped her knew about the ranch and left her hoping she'd end up there. Just wish they hadn't waited so long, poor thing! Keep up the fabulous work! Love, Gina